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 Update Monday 11th  January 2021

 All Woodbridge Park sites are currently open full time to children who have been nominated as needing a school place during the period of national lockdown, this includes children with an EHCP and those assigned a Social Worker. We are also offering a placement to children of Key Workers who do not have a parent at home during the day to supervise them.


Please do not send your child into school if they have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for covid-19, are awaiting a test result or are needing to self-isolate due to symptoms of covid-19 or living in a household with someone who has covid-19.

We are offering all children who start back with us after Christmas a lateral flow covid test. Children under 16 require their parents / carers’ consent – please see the documents below for further details and a copy of the consent form. The test is voluntary and your child can still access education on site without the test. Once consent has been provided for the first test, this consent will stand for any further regular testing that we offer over the coming weeks and months.

 Children working at home are entitled to high quality home working / online work. Please contact your child’s centre on the email addresses below if you are not receiving work or need advice and support:

 bridge@woodbridgepark.hounslow.sch.uk (The Primary Centre)

ks3@woodbridgepark.hounslow.sch.uk  (KS3 Centre)

ks4@woodbridgepark.hounslow.sch.uk (KS4 Centre)

cate@woodbridgepark.hounslow.sch.uk (CATE Centre)

commroll@woodbridge.hounslow.sch.uk (Commissioned roll)

 If you are concerned about the work being sent home and want to raise an issue with the Headteacher – please email in below with your concern so it can be followed up swiftly. The Headteacher and Governors are clear that all children working at home should be provided with appropriate work that can be returned and marked on a regular basis:


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