Woodbridge Park Education Service

Our Curriculum Intent

 Together, we can do it!

We will change lives for the better. Every child will experience success and be able to move onto the next stage of their personal journey, attending well, able to manage their emotions. Every child will leave ambitious, with the character, skills, knowledge, credentials and the love for learning needed to build a brighter future.

There are no limits to what everyone can achieve.

We have ambition for all, and no one is left behind. Everyone deserves dignity and respect, and an outstanding education in a safe, happy environment. An ambitious, tailored curriculum, high expectations and outstanding personal development enable everyone to experience good wellbeing and limitless achievement. We encourage a love for learning, improved self-regulation and personal resilience. We provide a fresh start with calm, trauma-aware adults. At Woodbridge Park, equality, tolerance, forgiveness and relationships matter.

As a result, our children will be:

Competent life-long learners - skilled, knowledgeable, critical thinkers, good communicators, literate, numerate, capable readers and writers, next-step ready, work-ready, a good punctual attender

Ambitious for themselves and their community – confident, responsible, respectful, good citizens, independent, a team-player, motivated, tolerant, law-abiding, virtuous

Healthy in mind and body – happy, resilient, emotionally literate, empathic, self-regulating, kind, calm, honest, negotiators and mediators, physically active, risk-aware

 Through our curriculum, we aspire:

  • Safeguarding children and striving for them to feel happy in their lives
  • To provide a warm, trusting and motivating environment across the service, where students attend highly and thrive personally and in learning;
  • Where possible, to support students to remain in mainstream school;
  • To work to ensure that all students develop their literacy and numeracy skills, leaving WPES KS4 with a qualification in Maths & English;
  • To prepare students for the next stage of their educational journey;
  • To support students improve their emotional resilience, stability and mental health so that they are better equipped to manage strong emotions and build healthy relationships;

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