Woodbridge Park Education Service

Hospital School Ward

The Hospital School:

The Hospital School is based on the Paediatric Ward at West Middlesex University Hospital, Isleworth.  It caters for school aged children from Year 1 up to Year 11, who are admitted as patients onto Starlight Ward. The hospital teachers also work with recurrent day patients who are receiving regular treatment on a monthly basis, on the Sunshine Day Unit and liaise closely with the home schools for these patients.

The Hospital school is staffed by three part-time teachers and operates 5 days a week, providing personalised, flexible learning for students, taking into account their medical needs and emotional well-being. Teaching takes place 1:1 at the bedside or in the Hospital Classroom, when appropriate.

The Hospital School aims to provide positive educational opportunities, focusing on literacy and numeracy, as well as a wide range of enrichment activities. Patients are also offered support with work from their home schools.  All activities are delivered in a holistic way to enable all students to feel valued, nurtured and respected during their time on the ward.


Home Medical Tuition:

A small team of Home Medical Tutors, provide up to 5 hours home tuition per week, for students resident in Hounslow, who are unable to attend school due to illness, accident or a medical condition. Referrals for Home Medical Tuition, must come via a Hospital Consultant with a clear guide as to how long tuition will be required for. The Home Medical Tutors liaise closely with the student’s home school to ensure continuity of education


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