Woodbridge Park Education Service

KS4 Centre

We value working together as a team of staff who strive to support each young person in reaching their best educational potential through a personalised curriculum.

We develop positive relationships, celebrate effort, acknowledge similarities and differences.

 We value the whole child and take into consideration the social, emotional and financial context of many of our learners, and regard the curriculum as serving a purpose to enable them to identify and practice strategies to develop the skills for learning and life ahead that enable our pupils to become as independent as possible, and successful members of society.

 Woodbridge Park’s curriculum is broad and balanced to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and the specific individual needs of the complex, vulnerable pupils who attend.

 We aim to support each child or young person in reaching their educational potential through a personalised curriculum, which where appropriate, engages, supports, challenges and stretches pupils to make excellent progress socially, emotionally, morally, culturally and academically from their Woodbridge Park baselines. We identify a learning pathway for each young person based on an accurate assessment of their current learning abilities, and use strategies that support and enable pupils to reintegrate into a learning environment that enhances their choices and further develops their motivation to learn.

 Our core values underpin everything we do and through our curriculum we strive to develop opportunities for our students to develop empathy, respect, integrity, to experience empowerment and to demonstrate inclusivity.

 Our curriculum makes provision for the literacy, numeracy, communication and emotional delays that many of our pupils are managing, and it develops the whole person through cross-curricular spiritual, moral, social & communication strategies, which instil a sense of tolerance and understanding towards each other and an acceptance of difference.

 As we value working together and forming positive relationships, our curriculum facilitates peer and group work opportunities, and provides robust PSHCE provision. Our curriculum is enriched by essential academic and social, emotional interventions and deep real-world experiences. The curriculum also offers opportunities for work-related development, so that barriers to making progress in life are reduced.  All our pupils are prepared for reintegration to mainstream school or the next step in their educational journey.


In line with our service vision, mission & objectives, our intention is to:

  • - Develop the whole person – socially, emotionally and academically; enabling excellent progress
  • - Develop teamwork, a good work ethic, strong relationships and tolerance towards others
  • - Provide personalised learning
  • - Remove barriers to learning
  • - Provide relevant enrichment activities
  • - Prepare pupils for mainstream school and / or the next step in their educational journey
  • - Include our children in their learning and give them a voice


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