Referral Process


On site at CATE Centre
Medical CAMHS – Tier 3:

Young people experiencing mental health difficulties usually tier 3 – CAMHS Consultant Psychiatrist.
• Young people who are considered vulnerable and may need some time in a nurturing environment e.g.
bereavement issues or family breakdown – LBH SEN Department or LBH PCP (Fair Access).
Offsite / Outreach home medical tuition:
Young people who are experiencing or recovering from illness, injury or other health related issues
– Consultant Hospital Paediatrician.
• School referrals must always be accompanied by a letter from the Medical Consultant.


Pregnant teenage girls to cover the time immediately before and after the birth of the baby
– Schools and EWS.

Hospital Ward and Classroom

Children who have been admitted to the Starlight Ward, West Middlesex University Hospital.
Referrals must be discussed with the family.

What referrers can expect:

The family will be contacted and an interview set up with the student and parent(s)/carer(s).
• Placement as soon as possible after interview.
• An individual learning programme.
• Termly reviews.
• Weekly reports sent home to parent(s)/carer(s).
• Regular contact with parent(s)/carer(s).
• Exit plan which includes a teaching programme to prepare and
support reintegration back to school,
when and if appropriate.
• Review meetings with parent(s)/carer(s), student and referrer.
• End of placement report.
NB: Students remain dual registered to the home school and WPES during their tuition time. The recent guidance to Local Authorities: January 2013 “Ensuring a good education for children who cannot attend school because of health needs“ explains in further detail the school and local authority’s responsibilities for students with medical needs.
Students cannot be taken off the home school roll at any time unless medical professionals, the student’s family, and CATE have discussed and agreed that this would be beneficial to the student.