Stakeholder Views

At Woodbridge Park, we take the views of all our staff, pupils, parents, carers and partners very seriously in our mission to be the best we can be.

We regularly use surveys and Pupil Voice sessions in order to judge everyone’s opinions and thoughts on the quality of our service and our ambitions for the future. We use these viewpoints as part of wider consultation on proposed changes to policy, our curriculum and our service in general. This means that everyone can have their say and to ensure a well-rounded view is seen before taking important decisions.

Recently, we have done a Curriculum Survey with our parents & carers:

  • Nearly all agreed that their child enjoyed coming to the service; that teaching is of a good or better quality and that the general quality of education is good or better.
  • All parents & carers agreed that their child was safe in the service.

We also conducted a Pupil Voice Survey on personal safety:

  • Nearly all pupils state that they feel safe, listened to and that bullying is dealt with effectively.

When we surveyed our local Primary Headteachers about the quality of our Primary Outreach service:

  • All Headteachers who currently use the service stated that they were satisfied.